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About Us

Necterra CBD Logo
At Necterra, our mission is simple, to provide the purest hemp extracts available.  All of our products are strictly sourced to be the purest on the planet.  We are so grateful to for the opportunity to share the benefits of this divine plant with you!

Why Necterra?

At Necterra we work with a simple purpose: to offer the healing extracts of nature with as little human interference as possible.
Our Organic Hemp CBD utilizes a solvent free, flash extraction method that activates and preserves the plants naturally occurring terpenes, cannaboids and flavanoids.

CBD Benefits

CBD is a natural, non psychoactive and interacts with the body in a variety of ways.
Common benefits, often notes, include:
* Reduces inflammation *
* Lowering of anxiety *
* Relief from pain *
* Improved sleep *
* Elevated mood *

Solvent-free extraction using only heated air

Flash Extraction™ and Flash Activation™ happen in under two seconds, resulting in delicious, terpene-rich, natural CBD.


No solvents like propane, hexane or butane. Not even CO2 or ethanol solvents. Just heated air for less than two seconds.

Flavor and Scent

Delicious, nutty, molasses flavor and scent. Not bitter like you get with other extraction methods.


Flash Activation results in more beneficial terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids.
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